Global Diability Summit Argentina
Buenos Aires 6 - 8 JUNE, 2019

About the Summit

The Global Disability Summit is a space that seeks to promote global eorts aimed at the inclusion of people with disabilities; with the superior principle of promoting the participation of this group through the fundamental expression of their demands and opinions, so that they are taken into account within the design and construction of public policies and the planning of programs and projects carried out by governments, or product of initiatives of civil society organizations, private companies or other groups.

It was born out of the joint eort of the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom (DFID), the International Disability Alliance (IDA) and the Government of Kenya, aware that the issue of disability has not been properly addressed, and with the vision of "Ensure that persons with disabilities are systematically and consistently included in inclusive development and humanitarian assistance"; this took place on July 24, 2018, in London.


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